How I make time for business growth (& how you can too!)

We're mothers AND business owners so we have a lot on our plate right?

So I'll keep this quick.

Do you find it impossible to dedicate time to thinking about the bigger picture? Are you constantly wishing there was more time in the day and feel like you are chasing your tail and never achieving what you want to?

You desperately want to make more time to actually grow your business, but it feels hard.

I've figured out how to make it happen.

In this free workbook, I'm taking you by the hand and leading you through these strategies that have worked so well for me, my clients and my Cocoon members and I know you're going to love them too!


How great would it feel to finally feel in control, knowing that you have a clear plan for growth and time set aside each week to focus on making it happen?


Let me show you how.


I’ve been running my own business for 12 years now, whilst raising my two sons. I’ve learned so much during that time, but I did spend a lot of it chasing my tail and not making the progress I wanted to. 

Creating headspace time for my business and allowing myself to step into the role of CEO has been an absolute game changer for me. It allows me to see the bigger picture and focus on the end goal, rather than getting lost in the day to day and not really making much progress. 

Since implementing the strategies I share with you in this workbook I have been able to scale my membership, introduce new revenue streams and attract new 1:1 clients. All this in limited time whilst working around the kids.

Are you ready to carve out some headspace time?


All it takes is less than one hour of your time

This workbook has been designed with busy mums in mind. Download it, grab a cuppa and gift yourself an hour for some CEO thinking time!

You will learn:

  • How to take a step back to see the bigger picture so that you can plan your path forward
  • How to get clear on your priorities so that everything you do is working towards that end goal
  • How to work productively & effectively so that you can achieve more

.... all on limited time!

Gift yourself some CEO time and get stuck straight in now


Here's what others are saying


"The booklet really helped me to get some clarity and focus on what my priorities are for my business and my future goals.

My top priority right now is my current clients but this CEO exercise has helped me see how I can still work on my goals for the future (even if in a small way) for when life returns to some sort of normality.

Erin’s 10 strategies are really useful too, it was nice to see that I already implement some of them but I will be working on No.2 and 3. I will be very happy when we can all start doing No. 6 again too!!

This was a great exercise and I would recommend taking some time out to do this, especially if you are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed with juggling everything right now."



"I have downloaded & used this great book. It has very useful hints & tips. Thank you very much Erin"