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6 month signature package

Do you want to feel more supported so that you can achieve MORE in your business?

The Business Boost 1:1 mentoring package is for you if you’re ready to gift yourself the next level of support you need to enhance & grow your business in the next 6 months. Benefiting from intensive 1:1 support with me, you’ll be able to quickly move past any challenges you’re facing, knock down any barriers and quash indecision caused by self doubt & comparitonitis!

  • Are you struggling to get focused and make progress in your business?
  • Do you find yourself feeling so overwhelmed that you’re not sure what your priorities should be?
  • Do you feel confused about how to organise your marketing so it doesn’t overtake everything else?
  • Do you wish you had someone to help you with your strategy and keep you accountable?
  • Would you like to have your very own cheerleader who keeps you motivated and upbeat when things feel hard?

Over the last 12 years I’ve built 5 businesses and for many of those years I tried to do everything myself.

I thought it was supposed to feel that hard. I thought I was supposed to know everything. And that’s a heavy weight to carry.

But I was wrong. When I finally invested in the 1:1 support I needed, that’s when I saw real growth in my business.

That’s when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little bit more every single day.

Having a mentor is absolutely invaluable to my success and happiness as a business owner.

Let me show you how that could feel to you too.

How would it feel if you were able to:

    • Work more productively so that you can achieve more in limited time
    • Market your product or service more effectively so that you get more sales
    • Get systems in place so that you can save time and money 
    • Beat the overwhelm and get organised so that you can feel in control
    • Show up for your business in a positive way so that you can enjoy being a business owner and achieve bigger and better things

I’ve been a franchisee, sole trader and limited company director. I understand the challenges you face being a small business owner.

The fact that we have to wear so many hats, and sometimes it feels completely overwhelming. The fact that we have to make all the decisions, even when we don’t know what the right answer is.

The fact that whether our business succeeds or fails is down to us, which can be a huge weight to bare. Throw motherhood in to the mix and sometimes it can feel like you are stretched so thin that you just can’t make the progress you so desperately want. 

But you don’t need to do this alone.  

The turning point for me was when I started investing in myself and my business. This is when the real growth happened, both personally and revenue wise!

Let me help you to become a happier and more successful business owner by giving you the support you need to get visible, make more sales, get more customers and grow your business in to something you can be truly proud of.

Want a quick chat first?

Book a FREE 20 minute Discovery call here so we can have a chat about what you want to achieve with mentoring and see if we are a good match!  

How would it feel to have someone beside you who will:

    • Help you to cultivate confidence in your own decisions
    • Guide you out of procrastination and motivate you to take action
    • Help you to plan out your goals for the next 6 months so that we can take focused action
    • Teach you how to overcome each roadblock you face so you can achieve more
    • Create a strategy that feels right for you, so you’re in control of your time and priorities, and therefore can make those goals a reality

Are you ready to give your business a boost?!

With fortnightly one hour mentoring calls and unlimited support via email Monday - Friday in between you will have the support you need to smash through your goals and the glass ceiling that you have built for yourself.

The Business Boost Package comprises of:

  1.  2 x 60 min calls with Erin per month [12 calls over a 6 month period]
  2.  A summary of each call via email with action points
  3.  Unlimited support in between calls via email Monday - Friday

Your Investment:

£237 per month x 6 installments

or a £1,320 one off payment

[Cocoon Members benefit from a 20% discount. Use code COCOONBOOST at checkout]


By the end of the 6 month Business Boost program you will…

  • Have increased your revenue from acquiring new customers 
  • Have created new products or services to add to your portfolio
  • Have systems and processes in place to help you feel more organised and efficient 
  • Have introduced new revenue streams in to your business
  • Feel supported and confident in your decisions with the business, so that you can keep pushing forward
  • Have learned the best strategies to be more productive with your time so that you can achieve more with limited time
  • Be happier and feel more in control of your day to day schedule, allowing you to push through your comfort zone and smash those goals


Are you ready to make this happen?!


"I was a little nervous about having a mentoring session but it was on my list of new year goals and I felt I had to just get it done. I shouldn't have worried. Erin put me at ease and we had a really productive and relaxed chat about where my business was at and my aspirations for the future. Since talking to Erin I have made lots of changes to my business. Erin was able to identify areas of my business that were working and what areas needed change. She has put me in touch with a wonderful Virtual Assistant who has taken away a multitude of administrative tasks that were stopping me expanding and developing my business. This has meant I now have the time to focus on the elements of my business that I actually enjoy and I have been able to put together a clear plan for growth in the future. My advice is if you are thinking of having a mentoring session stop thinking and just book it. You will not regret it."

Elizabeth Lusty
Love2Sing Choir

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