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6 strategies to manage your wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak


During this challenging time I thought it would be helpful to host this Facebook Live with some strategies you can use to manage your wellbeing during lockdown.

We discuss:
1. Using media consciously
2. Practising mindfulness daily
3. Boosting your immune system
4. Keeping your stress levels low

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Are you looking after yourself?


It's the season for coughs and colds, and after 3 days in bed myself this is a very timely Midweek Momentum!

Next week in The Cocoon we have our Well Being Week and we will be sharing strategies on how to eat well, breathe well, sit well, drink mindfully and also learn to be still....something...

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Do you treat your wellbeing as a 'nice to have' or a 'must'?

As mums, our needs often come last. We put everyone else's before our own.
But as the old saying goes "Happy mum, happy baby" and this continues to be true as the child grows up.
When I speak to my mentoring clients about the challenges they are facing, many of them are related...
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Self Care - Add More Nature To Your Working Day

Guest post by author Sue Thomas

Most of us enjoy connecting with nature now and again, whether it’s tending your indoor plants, or digging the garden, or taking country walks. But did you know that contact with nature has been shown to provide measurable benefits like reduced stress,...

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