How I left a career in TV Production & became an award winning mum in business


In this live video I share my story of leaving the world of employment to carve my own path in business around family life.

12 years on, 2 kids and 5 businesses later, I've learned a lot of lessons!

Find out more about how I help other women grow and scale their businesses here.

I hope you enjoy...

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Membership

I’m a huge fan of memberships, after all, who doesn’t want monthly recurring revenue?! But as they increase in popularity, at the same time as I want to champion them as a fantastic business model, I also want to add a caveat to that and share with you the lessons I have learned over...

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Can A Membership Community Work?

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Mark Masters on the You Are The Media Podcast discussing membership communities. 
In this podcast we discuss:
  • Whether a membership community could be right for your business
  • Why I started a membership site (The Cocoon
  • How I attract...
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