How to work on your biz when your kids are around #balance #midweekmomentum #priorities Jan 13, 2021
In this video I wanted to share some stories of my own experiences of running a business around the kids, and also a few tips to help you during this time.
Here are my 3 tips:
1. Prioritise - Do, Delegate, Delete
2. Sort your to do list in to micro actions
3. Make the most of...
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Embracing lockdown learning #learning #lockdown #midweekmomentum #reflection #resources #strategies Apr 22, 2020

Right now is a great time for reflection.

How have things been going in your business?
Are there gaps in your knowledge which you could spend this time filling?

I've put together a collection of free training for you which includes:
- How to grow your business in just a few hours a week (video...

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Is social media making you feel bad? #facebook #instagram #intentional #midweekmomentum #overwhelm #socialmedia Jan 22, 2020

In Midweek Momentum we are discussing how to deal with the overwhelm of social media.

With an estimated 500 million Facebook & Instagram stories DAILY, there is no doubt about it, we ARE being bombarded with information.

The question is then, how do we manage our experience?


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