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Do you treat your wellbeing as a 'nice to have' or a 'must'?

As mums, our needs often come last. We put everyone else's before our own.
But as the old saying goes "Happy mum, happy baby" and this continues to be true as the child grows up.
When I speak to my mentoring clients about the challenges they are facing, many of them are related to not prioritising their own wellbeing - anxiety, overwhelm, burnout.
This needs to change.
If we don't prioritise our own wellbeing, I can assure you, no one will do it for us.
I'm taking mine seriously this year.
So how am I doing that?
  1. I have recently started working with the brilliant nutritionist Barbara Cox, to follow a gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and refined sugar free nutrition plan. It's been about 4 weeks so far and I have to say I'm feeling so much better - more energy, definitely on less of a sugar roller coaster, and the weight is steadily coming off. This has meant spending more time meal planning and cooking, but the recipes are really delicious and I feel empowered to have the tools at my disposal to make such a huge change in what I am putting in my body.
  2. I take note of my mind and body regularly and am more able to crush overwhelm before it overtakes by simply STOPPING... Hibernating for a day... And reassessing what really needs to be done and what really doesn't... I live by my 'CEO' time, peppered throughout my week - no calls, no meetings, just me and my own thoughts!
  3. I've started Park Yoga - something I have liked the idea of for years but never found the time to do. I plan to continue the practice at home on YouTube when the weather gets too cold!
  4. I'm making it a habit to listen to uplifting podcasts and energising music on a daily basis (did you know on Spotify they have music for concentration etc? Love it!)
  5. I've also decided that instead of waiting until I am stiff and in pain to have a Thai massage (because then I can justify it, right?), I will commit to having one monthly to keep everything supple and nip any aches and pains in the bud before they start.
It feels great to know what I am taking control of my mind, body and soul. And believe me, it's long overdue!
So what could you do to make sure you're looking after your own wellbeing?
Erin x
ps. In The Cocoon business club we have a whole section on Self Mastery to help you put these things in place. Find out more here.

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