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The ONE thing we all need to get through this challenging time

gratitude midweekmomentum mindfulness mumpreneur positivity Jan 06, 2021
In this Midweek Momentum I share the ONE thing we all need to get through this challenging time.....can you guess what it is?
A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).
Positivity has so many benefits - not only does it make us happier, but it also increases our energy levels, gives us more resilience, means lower rates of depression, helps us to recover from illness faster, and actually helps us to live longer!
It doesn't always come easily though, especially when you are faced with Lockdown + Home schooling + Running a business.
Here are 5 ways that you can work on maintaining a PMA:
  1. Breathe! Slow down. Give yourself grace
  2. Focus on what you CAN control
  3. Spend time with positive people
  4. Write down 3 things you're grateful for every day
  5. Learn to be mindful - live in the now


Good luck and remember I'm here to support you, reach out at [email protected]


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