Lockdown Biz Stories [Video Series]

Have you seen the Lockdown Biz Stories series on our Facebook Page?

In this mini-video series I am interviewing our Cocoon business club members and finding out how the lockdown has impacted their businesses, how they are making time to work with their kids at home, and what their top tip for other mums in business is!

You can watch them all on this Lockdown Biz Stories playlist

Let us know which tips you have found useful 😍



  1. Amy Hobson, Focus Your Future
  2. Mandy Dineley, My Beautiful Pen
  3. Gina Smith, Create Visual Aids
  4. Tanya Bunting, Tanya Bunting Coaching
  5. Samantha Acton, Domestic Angels Franchising
  6. Claire Walby-Kettle, Baby Love Groups
  7. Kate Mercer, Pilates at Kate's
  8. Maddy Alexander-Grout, My VIP Card
  9. Claire Addiscott, Mindful Sips
  10. Chloe Wilson, Coffee Time Languages
  11. Ingrid Fernandez, Dec & Dash Legal Consulting
  12. Sarah Hickling, Your Time Coaching
  13. Carly Rose, Online Business Management
  14. Helen Solomon, Forever Living
  15. Naomie Ella, Motherhood Transitions



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