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5 reasons you need to attend a Momentum Day

Our one day conferences for women in business are inspiring and uplifting events with fabulous speakers and practical business training that will actually make a difference to your business.

I appreciate that attending events is an investment of both money and time, which often feels in tight supply, but that’s exactly WHY you should give yourself the gift of a day for personal growth and business development training.

Why you should attend a Momentum Day:

1. You’ll learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know

When you’re working alone it’s easy to get blinkered by the day to day admin of running your business, and you may be missing out on new strategies or technologies that will save you a heap of time, money AND stress!


2. You’ll meet fantastic women who are all building businesses like you

There’s nothing more powerful than a bunch of motivated, driven, passionate women in business and this is a great opportunity to network, make connections, and maybe even make a new business bestie or two!

“I couldn’t recommend this day enough. I’ve learnt loads and have met some amazing women that have really boosted me. More please! Thank you Erin 😊”




3. You will spend a whole day working ON your business rather than IN it

How often do you give yourself CEO time? How often do you reflect on what’s going well, what’s effective and what could do with improving? Our events give you well needed time to think about the bigger picture and refocus your strategy.


4. By the end of the day you'll realise just how much you needed this, and feel uplifted and energised from being in the room

It’s lonely sometimes as a solopreneur, and connecting with people face to face is so good for the soul and helps you to realise that you really don’t have to do this alone.

Thank you for such an amazing day.  I didn’t realise how much I needed it!!! It’s incredible on so many levels. Please do it again soon!!!. Lunch and venue fantastic"




5. You deserve some time for YOU. When’s the last time you did that?

As mums our needs often fall to the bottom of the pile. It’s easy to convince ourselves that other things need to take priority and we miss out on essential self care time AND opportunities to make improvements to our businesses. At the Momentum Day you get to do BOTH - what’s not to love?!

“The Momentum Day was not only great for making connections and sharing ideas but I also made a couple of sales. The great news is those sales have been re-occurring AND they have recommended my product to others and generated more sales. It goes to show the Momentum Day is not just about the connections you make on the day but where those connections lead!”


Have I convinced you yet?!  If you want to see for yourself what the events are like, you can hear what our attendees think in this short video here.

The next Momentum Day takes place in Bournemouth on Thursday 12 March 2020


Erin x


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