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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Entering Business Awards

This year I was absolutely over the moon to be announced as the Winner of the Digital Communications Award for Successful Women in Business. I just LOVE utilising new technology to serve my members better and in new and exciting ways, and it was wonderful to be recognised for my digital strategy by receiving this award.

I totally understand that for some of you, the idea of putting yourself forward for an award is terrifying, and makes you feel incredibly vulnerable. Imposter syndrome and self doubt often creep in and stop us from doing it.

However, there are SO MANY reasons why you should be putting yourself out there!

1. It's great PR

Winning an award gives you something fantastic to shout about - create social media posts, write a press release to the local paper, write a blog post, send out an email newsletter to your followers and add the badges to your website

2. Applying for an award can help you to re-assess your business

You may have to answer some in depth questions about your strategy going forward, so this is a great time to think clearly about where you are headed. 

3. It can help if you need to raise funds for your business

Creating a portfolio of awards and press coverage will help your credibility if you need to borrow money

4. It helps you become VISIBLE

Let's face it, most of us have competition and it's important to keep at the top of people's minds, so when they think of your service/industry, YOU are the one they think about. Winning an award helps you to build authority and trust with your customers.

5. Winning helps to combat Imposter Syndrome

We all have self-doubt sometimes, but winning an award gives you confidence that you have been recognised by experts in your field as being AWESOME! I do really believe that validation needs to come from within primarily, but if you need someone else to tell you you're doing a fab job, this is a great way to do it (and who doesn't need a pat on the back sometimes?!)

So get entering!

Here are just some awards for female entrepreneurs that you could look in to - do comment below if you know of any more!

  • The Venus Awards
  • Successful Women in Business Awards 
  • Networking Mummies Awards
  • Forward Ladies National Awards
  • #WOW Women in Business Award by Jacqueline Gold
  • Business Women Excellence Awards

Good luck and be sure to share your successes in our Facebook group!

Erin x


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